Each of the sponsored children is supported individually. The money donated is used to pay the fees for attending school and all cost for health care. The money donated is administered locally by our partner organization, i.e. the Nima Odser Sorig Foundation. This non-profit gaining and state registered association was founded by the village community in 2004. We are in close and constant contact with the Nima Odser Sorig Foundation und make sure that the donations are used properly. Furthermore, the Nima Odser Sorig Foundation is making suggestions regarding children applicable for sponsorships so that support is given, if possible, to the most needy children. The surplus money donated is saved and will be used at a later time to settle the cost for pupils visiting a secondary school outside the Zanskar Valley after having completed the education in Sani. There exist already four sponsored children attending school in Leh in the capital of Ladakh and live there in a hostel or with their relatives.

Once a year, mainly in July, the money is handed over in kind to our partner organization and proper use of donations is constantly checked. This procedure also helps us during our stay to maintain a personal contact with the sponsored children and their parents (at present the number of sponsorships is still manageable).

A sponsorship for one pupil amounts to 300 Euro per year.